Choose one of the packages below that best suits your needs. Click Book Now to use the contact form and setup a time slot. If you'd like any additional options, please make a note in your message. NOTE: Please also review the Frequently Asked Questions section below for information on making your deposit, hair & make-up, etc. before making your appointment.

Headshots (Essentials)


  • Up to four looks
  • Session up to 2 hours
  • One retouch included
  • Shots optimized for online submissions
  • Online proof sheet of all your best shots
  • USB Thumb drive with all photos - $25
  • One week turnaround time - Guaranteed

  • (hair and make-up not included)
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Headshots (Professional)


  • Unlimited looks
  • Session up to 4 hours
  • Two retouches included
  • Shots optimized for online submissions
  • Online proof sheet of all your best shots
  • USB Thumb drive with all photos - Included
  • One week turnaround time - Guaranteed

  • (hair and make-up not included)
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  • Weddings, advertising, public relations, corporate headshots, live performance, theatre, musicians, bands, familiy portraits, product photography, modeling & make-up portfolios.
  • (Samples are available upon request.)
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  • Additional Retouched Photos - $30/image
  • Rush Same Day Service - $100
  • USB Thumb drive "Hard copy" of all photos - $30
  • Student Rate with valid student ID - $350
  • Returning clients - $100 off
  • Tag Team Session - $850
    (Share an extended session with a friend)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why PJZ Studios?

Along with a decade of experience as a photographer, I bring the unique perspective of also being an active Equity actor in New York City. I have worked at numerous theaters all across the country and personally know and audition for the very casting people that you do. I've sat down with many of them and specifically asked what they look for, what they want to see, what distracts them, etc. We're on the same page.

My background of coming from the theatre will also help us to approach your session from an acting standpoint. The basic concepts of being open, listening and responding honestly, and connecting with your audienece are all essential to our shoot. Here is a great quote that reiterates this idea:

"Creativity with portraits involves the invocation of a state of rapport
when only a camera stands between two people vulnerability and mutual trust."
- Minor White

It's all about being comfortable...with me and with the camera. This takes time and team work. We work together to mentally get you to that point where you can visually tell a story.

And that's our process: getting to that place of comfort, gaining that trust, actually having all that's left is that expression on your face...that little something extra behind your eyes that will get you in the door.

After that..the rest is up to you.

How Do I Make a Deposit?

A deposit of $250 is required to book and hold your appointment. The remainder of payment is due the day of your shoot. PayPal, and Venmo are accepted. Rush orders are available for an additional fee (see ala carte options). Use the Contact form to talk dates/times and your ideal payment method.

*Please Note: Rescheduling/Cancellations must be made no less than 48 hours to the chosen shoot date. After this period, deposits become non-refundable. By choosing your date/making your deposit, you are accepting these terms.*

How Do I Prepare For Our Shoot?

In terms of what to wear, bring a bunch of choices and I can help you sort out what'll work best. Here's a few suggestions: Bright colors, solid colors, jewel tones, earth tones, and colors that will help bring out your eyes. Clothing that you love to wear is best. I want you in your favorite stuff...the more comfortable you are in your clothes, the more comfortable you'll look on camera. Layering is great. Black/White/Grays are fine, but a little boring. They're color shots, you really should take advantage of this.

Before your shoot stay hydrated and rest up. 8 hours of sleep the night before is ideal. That being said, there's no reason to stress over bags under the eyes or a rogue pimple. I've got you covered in post. This is not an excuse to go to a party until 2am the night before and let me do all the clean up. Try to take it easy, stay home, binge watch some Breaking Bad, and come in rested / with game face on.


Do You Have A Hair & Make-Up Person?

Yes, I work with magnificent Pamela Bob. You can find her portfolio at - Her rates are $225 for women and $125 for men. While this is not a requirement (yet), I cannot stress enough how important this can be to your shoot. She's amazing.

Not only does Pamela keep an eye on touch-ups, stray hairs, and wardrobe that may have gone rogue...but in effect becomes a second set of eyes / hands for me. She offers creative input and helps shape our session. Her presence alleviates you and I having to worry about anything asthetically. Instead, we can focus on telling a story in your photographs and leave the other detail work to her.

*Note: With Hair/Make-up cash is preferred but checks are accepted...due, in full, at the time of your shoot.*

In the event that you choose not to use a make-up artist, please prepare your hair and make-up as if you were on your way to an audition.

Please arrive prepared and ready to go.

Do You Shoot Exclusively In New York City?

No. While I am based out of NYC, I make trips to Chicago and various other cities throughout the year.

Do You Shoot Theatre Groups or at Universities?

Yes. I have yearly trips set up to shoot with students at Illinois State University and Ilinois Wesleyan University. Large groups of students, faculty, etc come with their own discount. For more information on booking a group session for your students, use the Contact form.

Would You Retouch My Photos If I've Shot With Another Photographer?

Absolutely. I've retouched hundreds of images from other photographers. Whether you've shot with someone else or have old shots you'd like to freshen up...we've got you covered. Use the Contact form to get in touch and we'll get your images ready to print.



Jerry Mitchell Tony Award Winner

If you wanna look good, you'd be smart to call Peter.


Adrian Aguilar Actor / Personal Trainer

Like many people, I struggle with having my picture taken. It usually feels like all of my flaws are under a microscope and it becomes a nerve wracking experience. My sessions with Peter have always been the exact opposite. He sets up a fun, relaxed atmosphere that makes his clients feel at ease and at home. I've shot with Peter on many occasions and always had a blast and come out on the other side with some seriously quality shots. On top of all of that, he's lightning fast with setting up an online gallery, retouching, and making changes. Peter's effort, response time, and amazing shots make you feel like you're his most important client. I recommend him to everyone I know and I'll choose him anytime I get the chance!


Katherine Rohrscheib Actress / Director

Shooting with Peter was a blast. It feels like meeting up with a friend to hang out for a while – there is a sense of familiarity and laughter. It is super comfortable! One of the things that stands out about Peter is that everything he says feels really genuine and natural – none of it feels like empty flattery, and he notices things about you when he's photographing you that are part of who you are, not just part of how you look. – a photo from Peter has a definite style to it that others just don't. Basically, he's rad.


Matthew Murphy Photographer

Quite simply put, there’s nothing I wouldn’t trust PJZ with when it comes to retouching my photos. I’ve had the honor of collaborating with him on various projects and even on the most impossible task he has come through with flying colors. It always feels like Christmas morning when I’m downloading an image Peter has retouched.


Natalie Pitchford Actress / Teacher

Working with Peter was the most comfortable headshot experience I’ve had in more than fifteen years of having them done. Peter goes out of his way to make his clients feel at ease, maintaining natural conversation throughout, promoting both laughter and intensity. Additionally, many of my IWU students had their first professional headshot done with Peter. While they went into it nervous, they all raved about what an enjoyable experience it was. Peter brought out each of their personalities in their headshots. We are all pleased and can’t wait to have him back.


Matthew Aron Roth Photographer

Peter is more than an experienced and talented retoucher, which were my first reasons for selecting him. His professionalism exceeded my expectations by sending works in progress, providing artistic recommendations and delivering assists in a timely manner. I highly recommend Peter and plan on continuously working with him.


Cathy Colburn Actress

My headshot session with Peter felt more like play than work. He was fun, energetic, and so professional. He made me feel at home from the moment I walked in, and the photos he took really looked and felt like me. From the process and product I experienced, I'd recommend Peter to anyone


Dustin Rothbart Actor

I’ve shot with Peter twice now and the results have been exceptional both times. He provides a great laid back, professional atmosphere. I won’t shoot headshots with anyone else.


Halimah Nurullah Actress

Working with Peter was definitely the best headshot session I've had. He made the shoot comfortable and fun when so often they can be nerve wracking. I recommend him to any actor or artist who wants quality shots!


Leslie Uggams Actress

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